Master Development Update –

  • Haun Creek CLOMR in with FEMA for 2nd plan check. We spoke to the FEMA contractor on 12/6.  He indicated that he has completed his review and does not have any further comments on the hydraulic model.  He indicated that it now goes back to FEMA and that we should have the CLOMR letter within 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Working on school alternatives analysis:
    • Build K-8 school within our spending cap. District funds any shortfalls.
    • Build K-5 school within our spending cap. District will likely have excess funds available for other uses.
    • No school within community. Upgrade existing schools using the funds from our spending obligations.
  • Working with Tony and Erren on Guest Builder offering package. Targeting distribution in early January 2018.
  • Working on updated cash flow and business plan for Executive Committee approval on 12/18.
  • OCIP GL policy addendum and manual approved. Working on enrollment of vendors.
  • We are setting up a bi-weekly meeting with the Ventura County Watershed Protection District on the following issues:
    • Amending the City’s Harvest CFD No 1 to satisfy the LAFCO condition for the project to pay for a portion of maintenance costs of Santa Paula and Haun Creeks. The goal is to amend the CFD by May 2018.
    • Processing the watercourse permit, and Army Corps 408 permit application, for construction of the bridge. We are setting up a meeting with Army Corps within the next week or two to discuss the hydraulic modeling requirements.
    • Processing a LOMR for Santa Paula Creek to remove a portion of the project and City from the A99 flood zone. The City and County need to reach an agreement on the hydraulic model assumptions, before we can request the LLPT meeting with FEMA and Army Corps.  We are trying to broker an agreement between the agencies.
  • We continue to work with the lobbyist to bring about resolution of dispute between NMFS and Army Corps. We have set up a meeting with Ken Calvert’s office on Monday 12/11.

Design and Project Operations Update –

  • 3MG Tank – Pacific HydroTech (contractor) – mobilize date 12-11-17
  • McGaelic Group and Finch Access Agreements – updated agreements provided to parties for acceptance/execution
  • Offsite Improvements – bids due December 13th
  • Backbone Improvements – Draft RFP sent to city for acceptance; out to contractors by 12-08-17
  • SCE
    • Rule 20 contracts and payments made to SCE
    • Backbone Work Order #1 approved by Planning, Final design expected 01-02-18
    • Transmission Line over basin – review with Rob Castillo; Alternative Analysis to be submitted next week SCE
  • SOCAL Gas –
    • Drop Section design and contracts by 12-31-17; 88-day bid/contract cycle; anticipated start date 4-01-18
    • New Reg Station – prelim design complete and in for internal review with SOCAL engineering
  • Crimson Agreement for modification to existing lines updated, waiting for Crimson response to execute
  • Coordination meeting with Carbon Resources/Seneca on Seneca Sespi petroleum line – Carbon is planning to move forward with work 1-10-18; closing date for purchase from Seneca Resources
  • Well 6 Rehabilitation – pre-con meeting with City of Santa Paula Public Works last week; start date for rehab 12-11-17 (6-week completion schedule)
  • New West well finding/locations report due from WREA this week
  • Hallock Crossing deep excavation and casing install; required completion date pushed until 03-01-18, based on notification from Fillmore & Western; will review bids and consider including in Hallock – Offsite RFP scope

Construction Update –

  • 3 Million Gallon Lower Tank Site Rough Grading
    • ~95% Complete
    • Remaining Work- Complete Subdrain Installation, Tank Pad Backfill
    • Estimated completion date- Monday 12/4/17
Tank Site Subdrain Installation

Tank Site Subdrain Installation

  • Padre Lane Improvements
    • ~95% Complete
    • New Railroad Track Operational, Sewer Line and Domestic Water Line Tested and Joined to Municpal. Complete Contract by Friday 12/8/17
Padre Lane Railroad Track Replacement

Padre Lane Railroad Track Replacement

Final Sewer Tie-In to Packing House

Final Sewer Tie-In to Packing House

  • Removal of Jurisdictional Drainage Courses
    • 100% Complete

Dec1-17 Picture - 003 Dec1-17 Picture - 004 Dec1-17 Picture - 005

  • Removal of Jurisdictional Drainages Under Supervision of Biologist and Cultural Resource Monitor.
    • Remaining Work- Complete Orange Bio Fence Installtion
    • Phase 1 Backbone Street Utility Undercut
      • ~40% Complete
      • Remaining Work- Continue Undercut to Removal Oversize Rock Ahea of Granite Backfilling Operations with Soil.
Santa Paula Street Utility Undercut/Overexcavation

Santa Paula Street Utility Undercut/Overexcavation

  • Phase 1 Rough Grading
Grading Start at Milestone 1 Area

Grading Start at Milestone 1 Area

Dec1-17 Picture - 008

Milestones schedule for upcoming week

  • Lower Tank Site- Complete subdrain installation and pad backfilling
  • Padre Lane Improvements- Complete all utility and railroad work
  • Jurisdictional Drainage Related- Complete installation of bio fence
  • Phase 1 Rough Grading- Continue progress towards completion of Phase 1 Grading Milestone 1
  • Complete offsite haul-off of Phase 2 orchard grindings
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