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Harvest at Limoneira
Vibrant Neighborhoods

A community with all the amenities to truly serve its citizens – the districts are sanctioned.

A complete system of greens, plazas and squares has been designed for the purpose of providing residents with a variety of outdoor experiences. Plazas are highly ordered spaces. HARVEST at LIMONEIRA will have open space elements that include play fields, formal plazas, a community park, neighborhood parks, pocket parks, and linear parks that run the full length of the community along creek fronts, and hiking trails through the 132.26 acre Open Space District. Located in areas that are easily accessible, they offer a full range of outdoor experiences for people of all ages and abilities.

Hallock Center

39.45 acres

Hallock Center is intended to include a mix of neighborhood serving commercial uses, offices, institutional uses such as a learning center and medical clinic, and attached and detached residential condominiums.

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Civic District

58.23 acres

HARVEST at LIMONEIRA Civic District will serve the region as well as residents of the neighborhoods. The District is intended to include a new kindergarten through 8th Grade (K-8) school, and high school facilities, as well as a 37.78 acre sports park and a 1.23 acre plaza.

Haun Creek Neighborhood

57.24 acres

The Haun Creek Neighborhood is located on the historic Teague-McKevett Ranch site, in the southeast corner of HARVEST at LIMONEIRA. This neighborhood will include a wide variety of residence types ranging from detached condominiums to single-family detached residences. The Haun Creek Neighborhood is bounded by an 11.6 acre linear park with a hiking trail to the east, and a 5.5 acre soccer park and 10.86 acre water quality basin to the south.

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Santa Paula Creek Neighborhood

52.98 acres

The Santa Paula Creek Neighborhood is located in the northwest quadrant of HARVEST at LIMONEIRA, along the east bank of Santa Paula Creek, north of the civic district and west of the foothills. This neighborhood will also include a range of residence types, but will be characterized by a predominance of single family residences, some attached but most detached. The neighborhood is flanked by a 19.29 acre linear park to the west, 132.26 acres of open space to the northeast and the 37.73 acre sports park to the south, with trailheads leading to the foothills and along the creek to the Santa Paula Branch Line Trail. The neighborhood also contains a 2.72 acre neighborhood park and a pocket park.

Foothill Neighborhood

94.57 acres

The Foothill Neighborhood occupies the northeast quadrant of HARVEST at LIMONEIRA. This neighborhood is characterized by single family detached residences, many with dramatic views of the valley below and hills above. Near the center of the neighborhood is a 2.1 acre neighborhood park, which will provide play areas and quiet spaces with views of the valley. Along the north edge of this neighborhood, multiple trail heads lead to 132.26 acres of open space in the foothills.

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