Letter of Cooperation signed with City of Santa Paula in January 2005. Steering Committee created with two representatives from Limoneira’s Board of Directors (Alan Teague and Robert Sawyer) and two representatives from the City Council (Mary Ann Krause and Dr. Gabino Aguirre)

Plan called for the consideration of a land donation for educational and public parks and recreation purposes

Public Meeting #1 held at Santa Paula Community Center to discuss community desires

Project titled Santa Paula. Several Steering Committee Meetings were held to digest initial input from citizens

Public Meeting #2 held to present “bubble plans” of initial feedback from community – More community feedback received to further refine “bubble plans”

Several more Steering Committee meetings held to further digest and refine the “bubble plans”

Public Meeting #3 held to present further refined “bubble plans” to the community  

More detailed plans undertaken to present an eventual specific plan for a community vote  

A Resort feasibility study was prepared and determined unfeasible for this type of project  

Committee formed between the Santa Paula Unified School District, The Santa Paula High School Trustees and The Ventura County Community College District to explore the development of educational facilities

Design workshop with Santa Paula City Staff held to determine specific types of residential product, levels of grading, types of facilities, amounts of open space and environmental concerns such as water, traffic, and creek flooding mitigation

Additional Steering Committee meetings determined that Santa Paula citizens desired something compatible with existing Santa Paula vs. an “Orange County type sub-division”

An emphasis was placed on quality educational facilities and abundant and accessible public recreational facilities. The community wanted the project to be neighborhood oriented vs. high density sprawl

Public Meeting #4 was held at the Community Center to introduce the community to the more detailed plans

Limoneira determined it could feasibly contribute 75 acres to the community for educational and recreational purposes and then formed a partnership with school officials, Santa Paula Parks and Recreation Officials as well as officials from the Santa Paula Community Library


Project Consultants work with Santa Paula City Planning Department and various agencies, property holders and community stakeholders to develop the project’s technical reports for use in the EIR (Environmental Impact Review). Department reviews consist of fire, police, water, sewer, trash, streets, and parks


Financial Analysis/Land Use-Pro Forma on project completed Title Work-Complete Preliminary Title Reports on Adjacent property owner parcels

Land Planning Architectural-Completed updates with Santa Paula City comments  

Soils Engineering-Completed    

Environmental-Study complete with clean site determination  

Archeological studies-Completed and revised  

Historical reports-Complete the report for determining housing structures for historical importance

Communications-Design and prepare Information Center for EA1  

Legal-Outline of development Agreement  

Civil Engineering-Complete detailed infrastructure master plan and coordinate with city staff

Building Architecture-Continue specific project design criteria  

Landscape Architecture-Coordinate with City Staff on landscape plans  

Traffic Engineering-Traffic study underway  

Sound Engineering-Study to begin after completion of traffic report  

Flood Control/Hydrology-Continue detailed hydrology studies and continue discussions with County Flood Control

EIR Consulting-Complete biological report  

Financial Impact Report-Draft of Financial Impact to be completed  

Political-Continue to research and interview citizens of Santa Paula to conduct a grass roots campaign, Develop plan for SOAR campaign

East Area II application for LAFCO annexation  

Development Agreement preparation  

Flood Control/Hydrology-Continue detailed hydrology studies and continue discussions with County Flood Control

EIR Consulting-Complete biological report  

Financial Impact Report-Draft of Financial Impact to be completed  

Political-Continue to research and interview citizens of Santa Paula to conduct a grass roots campaign

Draft EIR completed and released for public review  

Draft Specific Plan completed and released for public review  

Discussions with School Districts    


EIR Public Comments received-no significant issues

Development Agreement Completed  

Public hearings on project    

Discussions on Inclusionary Housing Fee (In-Lieu) at request of city of Santa Paula  

In addition to In-Lieu fee, project will also incorporate 100 workforce (public benefit) housing units

Memorandum of Intent (MOI) with Santa Paula Elementary School District Completed  

Memorandum of Intent (MOI) with Santa Paula High School District discussions  

EA II annexation discussions    

Project receives unanimous approval from Santa Paula Planning Commission and City Council

SOAR vote campaign    

Ventura County Star Editorial Recommends a Yes vote  

Successful SOAR-83% of Santa Paula voters approve  

LAFCO application for EA1 submitted to City of Santa Paula  

Greenbelt Agreement between Santa Paula and Fillmore amended to comply with LAFCO request

Santa Paula High School District approves MOU  


EA II annexation process begins  

EA II EIR conducted    

EA II Specific Plan conducted    

Santa Paula Elementary School District Mitigation Agreement Approved by Elementary School District

Process for State Approval for site selection on both Elementary and High school sites begins  

Santa Paula City Council unanimously approves a motion to the Santa Paula/Fillmore greenbelt through an ordinance

Fillmore City Council, Supervisor Kathy Long, and LAFCO director Kim Ulrich unanimously approve motion to amend the Santa Paula/Fillmore greenbelt through an ordinance

Tentative Tract Map preparation    

Submission of EA I Annexation plan to LAFCO  

LAFCO agrees with plan to annex EA II with EA I LAFCO approval  

Santa Paula/Fillmore Greenbelt Ordinance finalized  

Santa Paula General Plan amendment change to designate EA II as and EA I planning area  

Santa Paula Creek storm flow mitigation plan for LAFCO  

PUC at grade crossing plan for LAFCO  


LAFCO staff report issued  

LAFCO report response preparation  

Outreach and campaign for LAFCO approval  

LAFCO approval with the following conditions: $2 million deposit by Limoneira to City of Santa Paula for reserves to address any potential financial shortfalls Second at grade emergency only access until Santa Paula Street Bridge constructed Santa Paula Street Bridge to be built as soon as obtaining the permit for construction for the 251st certificate of occupancy Fire station/police substation to be built and operational prior to the 251st certificate of occupancy Limoneira required to pay for any shortfall on the reconstruction of portions of the Harvard Blvd main sewer trunk lines Library mitigation fees

Joint Agreement with the Ventura County Watershed Protection District, the City of Santa Paula and East Area I for maintenance of Haun Creek and Santa Paula Creek

SOAR and LAFCO approvals considered historic. This had not been accomplished by any other project in Ventura County since SOAR’s inception in 1998

On-going work for permits, approvals and engineering working drawings for EA I  

Meetings with California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA) to address affordable housing  

EA I project team works with CRLA and Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation to identify parcels in Santa Paula that could be rezoned for affordable housing to address Santa Paula’s lack of compliance with the City’s Housing element

California Department of Fish and Game Approvals for areas designated for riparian habitat  

Meetings with FSCR (Friends of the Santa Clara River), Keep the Sespe Wild (KSW) and the Environmental Defense Center (EDC)

Agreement with KSW and Limoneira  

Completion of Revised Tentative Tract Map based on LAFCO conditions details to address these conditions

Specific Plan Amendment to correct the originally approved plan  

Notice of Approval prepared for CEQA (California Environmental Quality Act) documentation  

Tentative Tract Map redesign with 150’ setbacks along Western Edge of EA I to address concerns by KSW

Press Release issued by the Environmental Defense Center (EDC) on agreement between KSW and Limoneira

EA II annexation application prepared by City of Santa Paula  

City of Santa Paula prepares SEIR for EA II based on recommendations for potential regional retail center or mixed use business park to create the best opportunity for quality future growth for the City of Santa Paula

Notice of Approval (NOP) prepared for EA II SEIR  

Illustrative plans prepared for EA II  

Santa Paula Creek Maintenance Agreement Prepared in conjunction with the City of Santa Paula and the WPD

California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA) approves text for the Zoning overlay for parcels designated for Affordable housing

City of Santa Paula incorporates this zoning overlay in the City’s new housing element  


Meyers Group Prepares draft Market Study based on research on projects in Ventura and Oxnard

Traffic Study completed for EA I and EA II and submitted to Caltrans prior to EA I Supplemental EIR and EA II EIR issuance

Meetings with Ventura County Transportation Commission, Fillmore and Western Railway, and the Public Utility Commission to permit at grade crossing at Hallock Drive

Work with the City of Santa Paula to update the City’s Sewer and Storm Drain Master Plan  

2-D models prepared for potential flooding in EA II south of Santa Paula Creek for the FEMA and the EA II EIR

State of California Housing and Community Development (HCD) approves and certifies the Santa Paula Housing Element and Housing Overlay Zone

City of Santa Paula approves the update to the Citywide Sewer Master Plan and an amendment to the water supply of the east end of town

Engineering studies on new water wells for EA I  

DEIR prepared for EA II    

Meetings with Keep Sespe Wild (KSW) and the Environmental Defense Center (EDC) to inform them about recent studies conducted by the City of Santa Paula Hydrologist and Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE)

EA II development Agreement preparation  

EA II DEIR circulated for 45 day review period  

As part of LAFCO approval, the Watershed Protection District (WPD) requires Limoneira to pay for 28% costs necessary to maintain and improve Santa Paula Creek. Cost is capped at $5 million. City of Santa Paula agrees that the public benefit to the existing citizens of Santa Paula with the Santa Paula Creek improvements outweigh other benefits of the EA I project. In discussion with Santa Paula city staff it is recommended to eliminate the Civic Center from the plan since the city does not currently have funds to maintain and operate a Civic Center

Minimal comments to DEIR received and addressed  

Preliminary Tentative Tract Maps Prepared  

Santa Paula voters approve the Unification of the Elementary and High School Districts  


Santa Paula Planning Commission and City Council approved East Gateway (EA II) Specific Plan, EIR and Development Agreement

LAFCO application submitted      

Annexation of EA I recorded    

Development Agreement Modifications including the elimination of the Civic Center and the contributions to the future improvements to Santa Paula Creek

The Unified School District (SD) initiates discussions on 15 Acre High School Site. The SD requests assistance from Limoneira for a permanent facility for the Future Farmers of America program at Santa Paula High School. The SD offers to reduce the size of the High School site at EA I in exchange for a cash contribution

Modifications to Preliminary Tentative Tract Maps (TTM) made based on more detailed grading plans

LAFCO application for EA II reviewed and deemed complete  

LAFCO commissioners approve the East Gateway (formerly EA II) annexation application  

EA I Specific Plan Amendment prepared to comply with LAFCO conditions and resulting drainage, circulation, utilities and grading studies

Existing Mitigation Agreements highlighting major contributions, requirements and timing of phases for the Elementary, Middle and High school presented to new Santa Paula Unified School Board: High School District: High School District and Limoneira Company amend School mitigation agreement to allow the High School District to sell to Limoneira 6.7 acres of 15 acres originally reserved for $1.695 million. High School site reduced to 8.3 acres. These funds are used for a new Future Farmers of America facility elsewhere in Santa Paula Elementary School District: Limoneira to build and furnish a new elementary school that can accommodate up to 500 students The school district and Limoneira would work together on preparing plans and approvals for the State of California, which includes funding from the State Limoneira would then build the elementary school and provide funding in the approximate amount of $410,000 to furnish and supply the school for opening Limoneira would provide $25,000 to offset the school districts planning and legal expenses to negotiate and complete the mitigation agreement Limoneira to provide a $50,000 Elementary School Site Evaluation fee upon request by the School District once the process has started Limoneira to provide $100,000 fee for the new Elementary School start up costs The Elementary School can be built in two (2) phases, however, Phase I shall consist of not less than 2/3 of the required classrooms necessary to accommodate 500 students. The School must be operational at a point in time when East Area I generates 150 new Elementary School students estimated to occur when approximately 400 residential units are occupied Middle School District: Limoneira to provide $200,000 for the School District to complete a Middle School Facility Assessment. Limoneira will pay the School District $50,000 within thirty (30) days after the   school District notifies Limoneira that an architect has been hired to design the new classrooms and upgrade facilities Limoneira will pay $3,000 per each residential unit in EA I. This fee is equivalent to twice the amount provided by the State Middle School fee Limoneira will pay $150,000 to the School District to be utilized as a Middle School General Use Contribution. This fee will be paid upon the issuance of the 501st building permit by the City of Santa Paula

City of Santa Paula requests assistance in the form of an annual grant of $250,000 to be matched by the City of Santa Paula to help the police department with their staffing and equipment issues. The grant would be required for three year and would be offset against the development agreement contributions for EA I

Tours arranged for Dr. Paul Chounet, Assistant School Superintendent and school board members of existing schools that have recently been completed to understand the process and final product and financing requirements, process for selecting a project architect and then assembling a working committee that will represent the School District in project processing with the State of California

Meetings held with Ventura County Health Care Agency to discuss a potential health care facility at EA I

Limoneira presents an update on EA I and EA II to Santa Paula’s City Council  

Notice of Preparation for Supplemental EIR issued. No responses received that were out of the normal comment letters from agencies

Presentations made by Limoneira to the Santa Paula Unified High School District Board Meeting including a review of the revised Specific Plan, timing and process

SPUSD conducts a Long Term Facilities Assessment for converting the present K-5 elementary system into a K-8 at EA I and Glen City and the creation of academies at Isbell Middle School

Revised Development Agreement negotiations begun with City of Santa Paula  

Ventura County Health Care Agency (VCHCA) presented with non-binding LOI for a 50,000 s.f. build to suit office building

Santa Paula Unified School District prepares request for qualifications form experienced architecture firms throughout California for designing and permitting the new school at EA I

Meetings with Ventura Community College management on the creation of a Learning Center in EA I. Discussions also take place with Cal State Channel Islands and Cal Lutheran University

Forty One potential parties have expressed interest in partnering EA I and 14 complete due diligence on the project

Santa Paula Unified School District approves EA I and Glen City Schools to be converted to K-8. Isbell to remain a 6-8 middle school with reduced enrollment. Isbell campus will be reconfigured by eliminating all portables thus creating a better and less crowded learning environment

Project Marketing Team reduces list of potential partners to 6  

SEIR issued in October. Final SEIR prepared with responses to comment letters  

Meetings with SPUSD management to begin discussions on changes to the existing Mitigation Agreement to accommodate changes requested for the K-8 elementary school change

Revised Development Agreement and Original Development Agreement vetted by City Council including the three new City Council members. Issues include the status of the Civic Center, Traffic Improvements, Water Tanks, Central Park, Community College site, dedication of land and other items

Six architecture firms submit qualification proposals for the Santa Paula Unified School District and reviews begin


EA 1 Tentative Tract Map, Supplemental EIR and Revised Development Agreement unanimously approved the City of Santa Paula and the City Council

Permit processing for rock remediation, improvements to Hallock and Highway 126 and CPUC on Hallock at-grade crossing

Application process begins for permit for the Santa Paula Street extension/bridge with VCWSPD and California Fish and Game

Santa Paula Unified School District (SPUSH) selects Flewelling and Moody as the architect for the new K-8 school at EA I

Joint meeting held between Santa Paula City Council and SPUSH board to review revised EA I project Specific Plan. SPUSH commends the process and looks forward to the addition of the K-8 school

EA I Tentative Tract Map, supplemental EIR and Revised Development Agreement unanimously approved by the City of Santa Paula Planning Commission and City Council

Three entities propose to become partners with EA I and make presentations  

Lewis Group selected as Partner on Project  

Development and implementation of Final Tract Map for projects first phase begins

Lewis Group begins to complete lot layout plan  

Meetings with City of Santa Paula, Santa Paula Unified School District (SPUSH), Santa Paula City Staff Limoneira, Lewis Group and Flewelling and Moody to discuss the overall design and planning of the proposed K-8 and joint use facilities. Architects develop a phasing plan that will begin with K-5 first phase, a middle school second phase when funds become available and third phase to be the joint use gymnasium following successful negotiations between SPUSH and the City of Santa Paula

EA I Specific Plan Amendment (setback requirements adjustment) was approved by the City of Santa Paula Planning Commission and City Council with a 30 day appeal period

Final agreement developed for a new K-8 school with a gymnasium if the state bond measure passes in November 2016. If the bond measure fails the school will become a K-5 in accordance with the existing mitigation agreement

Joint Venture between Limoneia and Lewis Operating Group formed as Limoneira Lewis Community Builders. Lewis Brothers recognized nationally for their quality. “Not just developers, Community Builders”. Project renamed Harvest at Limoneira

National Tenants that have expressed an interest in the Gateway (formerly EA11) are excited that the Lewis Group is involved in EA I and stated that the Lewis Group always delivers on their promises creating confidence in the delivery of tenant sites


East Gateway (formerly EA II) revised site plans being prepared

September 2016 Demo Structures  

First community outreach meeting held at the Santa Paula Community Center regarding the 38-acre community park. Santa Paula residents are encouraged to be involved in the process of deciding what facilities to be included in the new park.

Second community outreach meeting held at the Limoneira Pavilion regarding the 38-acre community park. Santa Paula residents are encouraged to be involved in the process of deciding what facilities to be included in the new park.

October 2016 Clear Orchard Ph. 1  



January 2017 Start Ph. 1 Grading  

October 3, 2017 Start Tank Grading  

November 2017 Start Mass Grading  

November 2017 Start Tank Construction  

December 2017 Start Offsite Street  


January 2018 Start Backbone Improvements  

February 2018 Start Rec Area / Sales Pavilion

March 2018 Start Phase 1A Improvements

Spring 2018 Start Models  

August 2018 Lot Sales to Builders (Closings)

November 2018 Open Sales Pavilion



January 2019 Model Grand Opening  

June 2019 VCHCA – Construction Start  


June 2020 VCHCA – Occupancy